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Z-Wave Vent, 2" x 12", White

Z-Wave EcoVent register for 2" x 12" mounting, white, requires two AAA batteries (batteries not included)

Z-Vent Model: EV100 Z-Wave Vent/Register Adding the Z-Vent to your Z-Wave home automation system reduces energy cost. Evenly distribute air flow for Heating or AC in your home. Automatic and intelligent control of room venting. Shut off air flow to rooms when they are unoccupied or automatic temperature control for each room. Partially open of close vent to balance air flow. The Z-Wave Z-Vent is compatible with most Z-Wave controllers and Z-Wave Control Software allowing scheduling, temperature and occupancy automation of heating or AC air flow in your home our business. Various vent sizes are available. Easy programing and setup.

  • Modular Z-Wave Controller
  • Open/Closed or Position increments of 10 degrees
  • U.S. Standard Frequency
  • Steel and Plastic contruction
  • Requires 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 5 standard sizes
  • Intelligent position feedback (open/closed)
  • Battery Level feedback
  • Red/Green LED indicators
  • Pairing button (Z-Wave inclusion/exclusion)
  • Manual open and close buttons

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